Business Law

At Tony M. May, P.C., we have many years of experience assisting our clients with business law issues. Our attorneys understand how to best help them protect themselves through appropriate business agreements, and accurate contract drafting.

Construction Law

We make it a point to educate all of our clients in Las Vegas construction law in order to limit the risk of occurrences of legal mistakes that can jeopardize projects, as well as the viability of the company.

Administrative Law

Our business lawyers have many years of experience in representing businesses, contractors, engineers, and company owners with professional licensing issues, including prosecuting or defending licensing complaints of all types, as well.


If you are considering filing for bankruptcy, our lawyers can help you to determine whether or not it is the right step for you to take. We offer free half hour legal bankruptcy consultations!

Contract Drafting

When you are entering into a new business venture, operation agreement or business partnership, it is absolutely crucial that you have all of the appropriate, effective and legally binding documentation agreements necessary to ensure that you can protect your property, and its legal rights.

Real Estate Law

The attorneys at Tony M. May, P.C. have years of experience working with landlords and commercial tenants to ensure that their rights and properties are legally protected.


Taking a New Approach to Help Las Vegas Businesses

Since the firm’s opening in 2009, the attorneys at the Law Offices of Tony M. May, P.C. have been working with Las Vegas businesses and individuals to provide them with the very best up to date legal advice. With the combined experience of our attorneys, our firm has backgrounds in many different industries. Therefore, we are ready and prepared to assist you on your various legal matters.

We firmly believe that in order to promote the very best interests of our clients, as well as obtain the best possible legal outcome for them, it is imperative that we educate each and every individual client thoroughly about their legal issues. So that when we share information with our clients, in turn, they can provide us with all of the necessary and pertinent information we need to help them in their situation.

Meeting with Attorneys Who Use Las Vegas Business Law to Help You

Rather than diving headfirst into business or personal disputes without knowing where you are going, or what your rights are, first consider calling one of our attorneys at the law office of Tony M. May, P.C. to assist you. Our firm will provide you with the best legal information to help you, help yourself. Whether you are starting a new business, negotiating a contract, having lease issues, or filing a construction claim, we will help you to see the bigger picture, and work within the laws to make them benefit you. We are Las Vegas’s best business law firm, and we are ready to help your business succeed!

Our Las Vegas Business Attorneys

At Tony M. May, P.C., we have business attorneys that are skilled in a multitude of different areas. We are proud to provide Las Vegas businesses and individuals with legal services in administrative law, business law, construction law, contract law, contract drafting/negotiations, consumer bankruptcy, lease agreement drafting and negotiations, employment law, and real estate law.

  • Administrative Law

    At the Law offices of Tony M. May Law, P.C., we represent our clients’ interests in various administrative proceedings, before state government agencies and boards. These reviews and proceedings also include state administrative courts, as well as matters relating to local governmental agencies. Our attorneys have experience assisting our clients with the Nevada State Contractors Board, the Nevada Board of Engineers and Land Surveyors, as well as with the Nevada Division of Insurance. Likewise, our attorneys have experience assisting clients with zoning and land use issues, as well as defending clients against charges resulting from land use issues. Based on our attorneys’ diverse backgrounds, they bring both practical experience and legal expertise, which allows our office to handle a wide range of problems that can arise in any administrative settings.

  • Business Law

    Tony M. May, P.C. Law is a full-service law firm. Our business and corporate law attorneys frequently represent clients in business formation, business contracts and business disputes. Our clients include both small companies and large well-established companies. We also provide assistance to startup and growing companies in the Las Vegas area, as well. Our lawyers have many years of experience in handling business disputes, and we are recognized for our hard work and creativity in resolving business disputes on behalf of our clients. Our small, but aggressive group of attorneys has assisted clients with protecting their businesses as we work towards long-term relationships aimed at benefiting both our clients’ longevity and the quality and integrity of our firm.

    At Tony May Law, our years of experience with business law and corporate law proceedings set us apart from other law firms within the Las Vegas area. Our skills and expertise continue to meet all of the ongoing changes in business law. Our expert team has worked hard to build trusting relationships, and we value our partnerships with our clients. From seeking counseling on how to resolve legal issues to assisting small businesses in getting started, we believe that the Law office of Tony M. May, P.C. is the very best business law firm in the Las Vegas area for your long-term needs.

  • Construction Law

    Our law firm assists and represents individual contractors, businesses, subcontractors, owners and developers with any type of construction law needs. We specialize in providing assistance, and meeting the requirements of our construction law clients relating to a variety of different projects like large industrial, and other commercial projects. We also specialize in residential and commercial subdivisions, as well as condominium construction law projects. In fact, our attorneys and lawyers handle every aspect of construction law disputes in Nevada from bid disputes to breach of contract lawsuits, from contract formation to mechanic’s lien filing and prosecution, and from stop work notices to labor and employment disputes. As construction law can sometimes prove to be very complex and constantly changing, our attorneys are always up to date with the latest information related to the Nevada Construction Law requirements. At the Law Offices of Tony M. May, P.C., we are a full-service law firm with a great deal of experience handling any type of complex situation or litigation issue.

  • Contract Law

    At Tony M. May, P.C., we assist clients with a variety of different contract law requirements that include the formation of and structuring of corporations, limited liability companies, partnerships, and joint ventures. Our attorneys also use their experience in assisting clients with contracts, related to construction, real estate, labor and employment, and business agreements. To achieve the best chance of avoiding litigation, our firm believes that it is important to have thorough and meaningful contracts drawn up that clearly define both party’s duties and obligations. Our firm also believes that deciding to discover what is included within a standardize contract after a business dispute has arisen is not in the best interest of any business owner and we work hard to make sure our clients understand what they are signing. In doing this, it is our belief that our clients will be better able at avoiding disputes based on misunderstandings. Although some companies use standardized forms in hopes of saving a little money in legal fees, these same forms can have a number of one-sided provisions, which can lead to financial disasters, unless they are understood. Our experienced attorneys, with the assistance from our clients, can develop agreements for many different projects and industries. In fact, we believe that a well-written contract is the heart of any successful business venture. Our experience with contract drafting and negotiations will ensure you that your business has the information necessary to stay ahead of the game and understand what you are signing before any problems arise. More on Contract Lawyers>>

  • Contract Drafting

    To form the beginning of a business deal, a well drafted contract goes through very careful negotiations. Our attorneys focus on providing the very best services possible related to areas of business, real estate, labor and employment, and construction contracts. Our years of experience in real estate, construction, labor and employment, and business law allow us to handle a variety of contact drafting tasks. We work directly with our clients to make sure they understand the contract, and to make sure they are getting what they need out of the contract terms and provisions. Before signing a contract drafted by the other side, bring the contract to our law firm so that we can review it and assist you with your negotiations. It is our job to advocate for our client’s best interests and to inform them of what they are getting into by signing the contracts. If you are a business that enters into multiple contracts a year and you want to make sure that you understand the duties and obligations you are getting into, or that you do not overlook important provisions contained within those contracts, please feel free to give our office a call. The Law Office of Tony M. May, P.C. will do its best to work with you to ensure that you not only understand what you are agreeing to, but also help you negotiate the terms and conditions of your contract to ensure that your interests are protected.

    Working with vendors is an important part of many business operations, and relationships often require a strong contract to ensure that both parties are protected. Our Las Vegas law firm will draft or help you negotiate vendor contracts that are designed to meet the needs of both your business and your vendors to ensure a successful business relationship. At the Law office of Tony M. May, P.C., we provide contracts tailored to your business needs, based on specific client input. This includes contracts for construction, businesses, real estate, and labor and employment issues. Contact our office to discuss what is included in standardized agreements, as well as for specialized agreements for a wide variety of business needs.

  • Contract Negotiations

    Before you head to contract negotiations with another party, the Law office of Tony M. May, P.C. will carefully review the proposed contract with you and identify any potential issues that need to be negotiated, based on that specific client’s needs and desire for risk allocation. Our attorneys can also act as your advocate during contract negotiations to ensure that you are receiving a fair contract, and that you understand the terms of the contract agreements and obligations you are entering into. As part of the contract negotiation process, we will also advise you accordingly, regarding any arbitration clauses or any other clauses in which you are taking on liability or giving away rights. Depending on the situation and the makeup of the parties to an agreement, there are clauses that are advantageous to both parties, however, there are times where a clause can force you to forfeit your rights and reduce your ability to protect your business in a court of law. It is our job to identify these clauses and give you the ability to negotiate these clauses to best protect your rights.

  • Consumer Bankruptcy

    Bankruptcy was set up by the United States government many years ago to help people obtain a new start, when they run into situations where they simply cannot pay off all of their debts. Therefore, bankruptcy must be filed in federal court. Depending on which form of Bankruptcy you decide to pursue, you will be asked to pay a portion of your debts over time, or you will give up certain property in exchange for the cancellation of all of your debts. Chapters 7, 11 and 13 bankruptcies are the most common filings in Las Vegas. If you are uncertain if you should declare bankruptcy or not, or which type of bankruptcy to pursue, our office will provide counsel related to your financial situation. We will help you to determine which bankruptcy filing, if necessary, is best for your particular situation.

    In the filing of any bankruptcy case, you are required to prepare a petition that lists your assets, and liabilities. The Law office of Tony M. May, P.C. can provide assistance by creating this petition for you. As part of this Petition, you are required to answer a number of questions related to your finances. The Failure to provide the correct financial information, or to answer the questions correctly, will cause problems as you file your bankruptcy case. We can help you to complete these documents, analyze them, and file your bankruptcy case for you. We will then walk you through the process and assist you with the filings and your hearing with the Trustee. The Law office of Tony M. May, P.C. has several years of experience handling a variety of bankruptcy cases. Please contact our Las Vegas office today for more information.

  • Lease Agreement Drafting & Negotiation

    The Law office of Tony M. May, P.C. provides lease agreement drafting and negotiations for commercial lease agreements. We can also assist clients with purchase agreements, and sales agreements. Our skilled team will review the terms of your lease before you sign it to ensure that you are receiving a fair agreement for your specific business requirements. Whether you are looking for a lease for a restaurant, commercial property, or warehouse, our skilled team is here to help. We regularly provide lease agreement drafting and negotiation services for both property owners (i.e., landlords) and commercial tenants. We feel that leases need to be tailored to the benefit of both parties in order to give the parties the best chance of benefiting from the lease. We also believe that it is important to make sure that our client has a clear understanding of their rights, and obligations.

  • Real Estate Law

    Our real estate attorneys provide legal representation to homeowners, business owners, banks, lenders, real estate brokers, consultants, landlords, and more. We can also provide legal assistance to property owners (i.e., landlords) related to tenant evictions. The Law office of Tony M. May, P.C. is a full service law firm with several years of experience in Nevada real estate law. To manage complex real estate litigation and transactions, our team includes both attorneys and a paralegal to assist its clients in resolving real estate disputes.

Las Vegas Attorney‘s

No matter which of the above-mentioned areas of law you find yourself in need of assistance for, our attorneys will be able to assess the situation, find the best possible solution, and educate you in the processes we use in order to work as a team to achieve the best possible outcome.

Our attorneys work with both new and existing companies looking to protect their businesses. Our Las Vegas business law firm makes it a priority to provide individuals and companies with personalized, and general counsel services. We firmly believe in creating solid, long-term business relationships with our clients. We feel that they deserve to have access to the very best possible legal counsel. Our Law Firm provides creative business solutions in regards to drafting, forming and restricting legal entities. Our experienced negotiation team has years of experience handling contracts, dispute resolutions, regulatory compliances, and preventative advice.



  • Getting closer to a transaction makes everyone wonder about business contracts and all the terms they should include. Whether it's a lease, buying products, entering into a service contract, selling a house, or a company, there is one question we usually have on our minds.

    Do I need a Lawyer to Draft the Contract?

    And the answer is usually YES.

    That's why you should talk with an attorney as soon as possible. Request a consultation today, and we can outline a contract to suit your needs.

    Now let's get into the details of why it's important to hire a lawyer when dealing with these important documents.

    The Importance of Business Contracts

    Within any transaction, the most important document is the contract. Some transactions might seem simpler than others. Here are transactions you should always hire a lawyer to prepare the business contracts for:

    • Working with a Freelancer
    • Maintenance and Clean-up Services
    • Leasing or Selling a Property
    • Purchasing or selling products
    • Entering into service contracts

    In these situations, the contract is vital to make sure everything works smoothly. If a lawyer drafts the agreement, they will make sure your interests are protected, you will avoid loopholes, and your business will be protected by the law.

    Protecting Your Interests

    When a lawyer drafts your business contracts, he will take into consideration your interests. Including sections which protect your Company's Intellectual Property. You can find more of them in this article.

    Real Estate Agent With Couple

    A lawyer can also help you specify the terms clearly so there is no discussion when receiving the product or services.

    Having a clear list of criteria for evaluating the quality of end product specified in the contract will make sure you receive exactly what you want out of the transaction.

    Avoiding Loopholes

    If the transaction is simple, you might feel you can draft the business contracts without the help of a lawyer.

    This is where most loophole problems come from. Not using the right terms might give the other side the option to not oblige those requirements and still fulfill their obligations.

    Working with an attorney will make sure these situations aren't possible even before starting the transaction.

    Ensuring the Contract Is Updated to Terms and Regulations

    For specific transactions, you will need to make sure before signing any written document it is updated to the new terms and regulations of the law.

    Here's where a lawyer's expertise helps you most in drafting business contracts. There are also other situations where an attorney's expertise can help.


    They will always know the legislative changes which appear and make sure your own transaction respects them.

    Clearing this up from the beginning will save both parties from tackling legal problems later on.

    Need Help Finding a Lawyer to Outline Your Contracts?

    Now you know. To have a healthy business and smooth transactions you need reliable business contracts enforced by the law.

    By hiring a lawyer to draw up your contracts you make sure:

    1. Your company's interests are protected
    2. You evade loopholes
    3. All your paperwork is up to terms and regulations

    If you need a Lawyer to help you with your business contracts, you can call us today at (702) 388-0404.

    We can discuss your needs and find the best solution for your particular circumstances.

  • As much as employers would like their staff to be perfect, people are unpredictable and as a result, they may cause problems for a company without even intending to do so.

    That's why company owners should be familiar with employment law and its sometimes sensible topics like sexual harassment.

    As they say, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. This also applies to a healthy company culture which supports employees to be their best.

    Is this something you want at your company? Then read on.

    employment law

    Sexual Harassment Prevention within Employment Law

    With any two-party agreement, there are terms concerning both employers and employees.

    On the one hand, the employer has to:

    • Clarify that sexual harassment is an act of sexual discrimination against gender identity as stated by the Nevada Fair Employment Practices Act. 
    • Provide a non-discriminatory work environment and take the right preventive steps against harassment. If not, they could be liable for any harassment cases occurring within the company.
    • Issue anti-harassment policies to let employees know what falls into the harassment acts category. These policies also serve with outlining the right procedures to follow when an act of harassment happens.
    • Review policies periodically.
    • Provide workshops and training for the staff.
    • Act promptly in case of sexual harassment.

    The employee commits to:

    • Check their behavior is in line with the company's view on sexual harassment.
    • Strive to be aware of any acts which are not compliant with the above policies.
    • Report and discourage any notable or subtle manifestation of harassment.

    employment law 4

    Anti-Harassment Policy Advantages

    As stated in the introductory paragraphs, a successful company culture relies on creating a work environment which is:

    • collegial
    • collaborative
    • non-discriminatory
    • non-violent

    If you, as the company owner, make it clear inappropriate behavior is not tolerated at the workplace, employees will get a sense of security. Plus, you will establish yourself as a caring employer who understands the need for equality.

    What should an anti-harassment policy contain?

    First, it must be clear and enclose a concise definition doubled by clarifying examples.

    Second, the policy must provide protection in case the harassment is carried out by a superior or advisor. This automatically implies reports being confidential.

    Third, the policy has to state a clear commitment to providing necessary training.

    What Is the Best Way to Approach This?

    At first sight, the policy against offensive conduct does not seem to pose many intricate technicalities. You may even be tempted to take charge or let your HR department do the job.

    While they have insight into sexual offenses at the workplace, HR people are less knowledgeable about the detailed legal procedures.

    There is one solution available - hire a law firm or practitioner to:

    • Tailor a comprehensive prevention strategy fully compliant with the employment law.
    • Protect your company against liability.
    • Discourage objectionable behavior - your staff will know a legal instance is in charge.

    Having a law firm by your side sets the right tone within your team.

    At Tony May Law, our seasoned professionals have plenty of experience with employment law. So if you need help with any legal aspect, we're waiting for your call.

  • Liens are statutory rights to secure payment for work done on personal and real property.

    Now, this kind of security interest is automatically available to certain individuals who perform the statutory mandated requirements as they provide labor and/or materials as the result of a contract to do work on either real or personal property, if those individuals are:

    • construction or material suppliers
    • licensed contractors
    • licensed subcontractors
    • licensed design professionals

    It is generally called a mechanic's lien, or in Nevada a "Notice of Lien," and it requires a detailed process in order to secure mechanic's lien rights or prohibit them from causing problems to the owner of the property. A good Mechanic's Lien or Notice of Lien attorney can help you protect yourself, whether you are the owner, contractor, subcontractor, material supplier or design professional.

    Improving a property requires quality workers and suppliers who must be paid no matter what happens between the property owner and contractor.

    Basically, a mechanic's lien is a form of statutory payment warranty set up to benefit those who make improvements to property.  But whatever you do, all parties to a construction project have a vested interest to insure their own interests are considered in dealing with payments and mechanic's lien claims.

    Let's go through four of the issues you might encounter with this particular kind of construction claim as a property owner.

    1. Paying Twice for a Project

    For a mechanic lien's attorney, it is a priority to make sure there are proper procedures in place throughout the entire construction process, which include a convenient and well documented payment schedule for all parties involved.

    After signing the contract, both owners and contractors must keep track of the conditional and final lien releases that must be provided as part of the ongoing payment process.  Only through following these procedures will the owners and contractors have a chance of being able to avoid unexpected issues with unpaid subcontractors and suppliers that have mechanic's lien rights to enforce against a property if they were not paid.

    2. A Mechanic Liens Attorney Prevents Property Selling

    Poor paperwork management can lead to:

    • a general contractor failing to fulfill their contractual requirements.
    • a contractor improperly recording mechanic's liens without following preliminary notice requirements.

    mechanic liens attorney

    Preliminary notices serve as a warning to the owner and general contractor of a supplier or subcontractor's intention of pursuing a lien claim in the future if they are not paid for their labor or materials provided to the project.

    A legal professional can help set up policies and procedures to ensure that all preliminary notices and lien releases are systematically maintained and accounted for by those who pay for services.

    3. Paying for a General Contractor's Irresponsibility

    As a property owner on whose land a construction project is carried out, the most frustrating scenario is being placed on notice that a lien has or will be recorded against his/her property when the owner has paid the contractor, in full, for its services, which includes the amounts the lien claimant is seeking payment for due to the general contractor's failure to pay.

    If you have a well drafted contract, property owners can take legal action against a general contractor if it fails to hold up their contractual obligations to pay all parties that were hired to work on the Project.

    But while a mechanic liens lawyer helps you carry a lawsuit against contractors, it takes time and resources. Also, if proper documentation and procedures are not in place and the contract goes bankrupt without paying its subcontractors and suppliers, the owner may be required, by law, to pay twice for the work done on his/her property.

    If you have a mechanic's lien attorney before the contract is signed - good for you. They'll be able to look over the contract and general contractor's license status, as well as the subcontractors' license status.

    4. Losing the Interest on Your Own Property

    Once a mechanic lien is recorded against your property interests, if the mechanic's lien is not removed it could cause a cloud on your title to the property and if left unchecked, could cause the owner of the property to lose his/her ownership interest in the property.

    What this means is that a lien claimant can pursue its lien rights through the Courts and take away a property owner's interest in his/her Property and then make the property owner pay for all of the attorneys' fees the contractor spent in seeking this judgment against the property owner.

    mechanic liens attorney

    As any mechanic liens attorney can confirm, mechanic's lien requirements can be one of the most misunderstood in issues in construction law. The misunderstandings originate from the lack of expertise on both contractors' and owners' parts.

    So, to better understand the Mechanic’s Lien process in Nevada, consider hiring a lawyer. You'll need reliable legal advice for all of your business and construction operations, especially if you're in the real estate /construction field in the Las Vegas metropolitan area.

    At Tony May Law, our team of attorneys is ready to be your personal helping hand to protect your business and property interests. Contact us to find out more. 



  • The man who won my case.

    “I had to sue a rouge partner, and consulted with 2 attorney's who advised me my case would be very hard to win, and to better leave things as they were. I got very lucky when a friend of mine recommended Tony May to me. After a 2 hour consultation, he decided my case was worth pursuing. He built such a good case for me, that when the judge ordered both parties to meet and try to resolve the issues at hand, before having to go to trial, my partners attorney was at a loss. We settled, and I got everything I was contesting and more. My partners attorney later admitted to me that sometimes your own clients are your worst enemies. Thank you Tony for a job well done!”

  • Exceptional service well adept and professional.

    “Mr. May and his staff did an exceptional job in handling my legal matter. I want to take this opportunity to personally thank them in making me a believer that there are still professionals who care. I highly recommend him and his staff .”



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